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Change projects are challenging

Implementing a change project or change programme can be a big challenge, both for the company as well as the individuals involved. After all, people often resist change, and managing a complex or large scale project has its own challenges, too. So what might have looked like an excellent project on paper with a great return on investment often fails in its implementation, or has a much lower ROI than expected. In some cases, this happens because of the lack of experience in project or programme management; more often than not, however, it is because of the political and emotional complexities around the change journey itself and how individuals respond to it. Change just doesn’t seem to stick.

How can we help?

Having an experienced business change partner by your side makes all the difference. With our unique blend of change management, consulting, project and programme management, workshop facilitation, mentoring and executive coaching, we can help to address any type of challenges surrounding change projects. 

How is what we offer different?

What sets us apart from regular consultants or project managers is our unique combination of skills. All change always involves tangible and intangible aspects, rational and emotional aspects. With our experience in project management, change consulting and workshop facilitation we help address the tangible aspects, supporting the project team in delivering an efficient and successful project through to completion. The mentoring and coaching focuses on the less tangible aspects of the change journey. In our capacity as coaches and mentors, we support key stakeholders and project team members along their personal change journey, to build up proper 'change champions'. We also pass on useful project management and change management skills and techniques, to upskill the organisation along the way. 

How does it work?

We work alongside your project team one to four days a week, depending on your requirements and the size of the project(s). We can also work alongside external consultancy teams, to provide the missing link of mentoring and change management. Our philosophy centres around skills transfer and personal empowerment, helping to unlock people’s potential. This allows your organisation to successfully run projects in the future without external support, as well as boost the skills and confidence of your in-house talent.

Client testimonial: “Having a business change partner who is also a professional coach is such a powerful blend that it made the transition so much easier, and without doubt had a massive positive impact on the projects."

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Our change support model is designed  to empower your team and provide them with the tools they need to  succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support you on your change journey, and put you on a solid track to success.